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Typewritten characters depicting a human head

Experience the Charm of Typewriting in the Digital Age with an Online Typewriter Simulator

Designer Marcin Wichary has created an online Typewriter Simulator that offers users a glimpse into the bygone era of word processing. Accompanying Wichary’s Kickstarter project for his book Shift Happens, the simulator lets users experience the realistic clacking sounds of a vintage typewriter and explore the intricacies of overtyping, rotating paper, and setting margins.

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Beyond Borders: The Story of the Australian Voice Behind GPS Navigation

Karen Jacobsen, an Australian singer and voiceover artist, has become an indelible part of our daily routines. Her voice a constant guide to navigate us through unfamiliar territories. Having recorded more than 50 hours of audio in 2002, she became the original voice of GPS, with her voice shaping the way we understand and interact with technology today.

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