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Get a new website plus Web Apps for a fixed monthly fee and no upfront cost. Plus get a free website design every 3 years.


Helping Aussie businesses since 1995

Experience counts. Whether you’re just starting your digital journey or changing direction, you’re on the right road with DOLLARS.

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Build a Better Website

In an ever-increasingly competitive world, you need to market like mad to turn browsers into buyers.

A Better Website Delivers



Repeat Business



Overcome the 4 challenges
of owning a website

Challenge #1

High Initial Cost

Old way: Pay 1000s of dollars upfront
Our way: Pay $0 upfront

Challenge #2

High Ongoing Cost

Old way: pay by the hour every time you need changes or support plus ongoing management
Our way: Pay a fixed monthly fee that includes a care plan with everything you need


Fear Of Engagement

Old way: Ignore updates because you don't want to engage with your developer for fear of yet another bill
Our way: Everything is included for a flat, predictable monthly fee

Challenge #4

Becoming Obsolete

Old way: Business websites are rebuilt every 3 to 5 years, requiring a new high upfront cost
Our way: Ongoing updates are included plus we'll rebuild your website for free, every 3 years

No upfront cost

No minimum commitment

How can we afford to do this? Our business is helping your business and because we do that well, clients stay and recommend us to others. Our long-term approach benefits us both. 

Some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.

Here's why this is the best website solution for you

Embrace our free website solution and unlock a world of benefits. Here’s just a glimpse of what awaits you:

Content included

Worried about how long this will take? We’ll handle the creation of compelling copy and captivating visuals, empowering you to focus on driving your business forward.

Built with WordPress

The reason WordPress is chosen to power of 40% of the world’s websites comes down to one word: flexibility. It’s the engine that allows us to build you the perfect website.

SEO friendly

There are a lot of tasks required to master search engine optimisation, but we’ll head you in the right direction with on page SEO and a site that Google loves.

Sales focussed

What would you prefer; a website that looks good or a website that sells? Why not both? A pretty website makes you feel good, but an effective website makes you DOLLARS.

Website + Web Apps

Don’t just get a website – get everything you need to create a powerful digital presence. Available Apps include Review Booster, Live SMS Web Chat, Social Planner, Email Marketer and Sales Funnels.

OFFER: Web Apps included at no extra cost, for life.
conditions apply

Free websites

Predictable Pricing

Forget having to pay your agency a fortune every time you sneeze!

Our packages include a free website, ongoing content updates and support. Plus we throw in Web Apps to help you grow and manage your digital presence. All for a fixed monthly fee, so you can relax and leave the driving to us.

Packages can be tailored to your needs, however here are the typical solutions we provide.

Package #1: $400 / month

Motorway Mastery

Take control of your online journey. This solution is for large or complex websites.

Includes Web Apps
Includes Ongoing Management

Package #2: $200 / month

Expressway Elevation

Elevate your digital presence swiftly. This solution is for medium-sized websites or sites that have medium complexity.

Medi-Aid Centre Foundation
Includes Web Apps
Includes Ongoing Management

Package #3: $100 / month

Highway Navigator

The fast road to online success. This solution is for smaller and less complex websites.

Travel and Cruise Weekly
Includes Web Apps
Includes Ongoing Management

Package #4: $50 / Month

Laneway Launchpad

Begin your digital journey with a solid foundation. This solution is for very small and simple websites.

Architectural Hardware Consulting
Includes Web Apps
Includes Ongoing Management

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