From our Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

Richard Pearce

My story starts in 1995 when I was working for an independent retail store in Sydney. The owners had the vision to build one of Sydney’s first retail websites and as I had been messing with online services for years, that job went to me. I quickly developed a love for building websites and this passion soon turned into a business.

Then came online marketing, followed by online video training. Retail has changed a lot since then and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for independent stores to survive. I’m now old enough to get away with using phrases like “in my day” and, in my day, things really were better. The customer isn’t always right but, in my day, the customer always came first. Not the company directors. Not the shareholders. Not the shopping centre owners.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of independent business owners who love what they do and understand service. If that’s you, you already know it’s getting tougher to compete with franchises and survive with increasing costs. You need to be doing what the big guys are doing, but with great service and not at the cost of losing touch of what it is that you love doing.

Whether you’re an independent business owner or part of a larger organisation, I’d love to meet you to discuss why working with DOLLARS makes sense.

Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.

Company established

Our parent company RickSure was established in the early days of the web - before Google and Amazon!

Dec 11, 1995

First client

The first site created was for the "Sony Shop" in Chatswood.

Chatswood Sony Centre screenshot

1996 ...

Business growth

A team was added and over 10 years we created more than 100 websites for solopreneurs, not-for-profits and small & medium enterprises.

Musica Viva screenshot

... 2007

Online training

Started producing online training for the Joomla content management system.

Build a Joomla Website logo

1 July 2007

Web design era ends

After 16 years, the decision is made to switch to producing online web design training full time.

Site Skills owl character

Sep 2011

Major life hurdle

One of my children is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. 7 years of treatment begins.

Feb 2015

DOLLARS Digital Marketing

Looking after a seriously ill child followed by the pandemic takes an enormous toll. The decision is made to reestablish the development side of the business under a new name. Work commences creating learning management systems for the travel industry.

 Tokyo Tourism Expert screenshot

June 2020

A new era

Life returns to "normal" and I now have the time and energy to once again provide digital marketing services for small and medium enterprises.

Vimiera Village screenshot

Feb 2022